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Our SIC Team

Second Income Coach SIC was an idea long overdue. It started slowly in the marketplace, May 2009 and is continually gaining momentum. SIC is attracting some of the world's greatest internet marketers and network marketers.

SIC was created by Gerry Schroeder, who have had incredible success in the internet marketing and network marketing arenas. With well over 30 yrs of network marketing experience, achieving results most entrepreneurs could only dream of, they developed SIC as a teaching and training platform that anyone could learn from.

Their idea was to create a marketing portal site that any serious entrepreneur could use to develop the skill set required, to become that marketing maniac that's locked up inside us all. The SIC concept is to leverage proven marketing principles that have been a secret for most people for years.

Like attraction marketing, social media marketing, leadershipping, email marketing, pay per click, Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing, Twitter, blogging and so much more.

Is it working? You bet it is! And it's generic so no matter what business you are involved with, SIC will assist with promoting it.

With Second Income Coach SIC, you become the hunted! You will learn how to develop YOU into the leader you MUST become in order to be successful. It's all about relationshipping, friendshipping and not bullshipping anyone. Seriously understanding and then being able to teach this important concept to other entrepreneurs just like you, WILL assist with developing your success which has eluded you since you began your marketing career.

The benefits of Second Income Coach include:

  • Personal websites that brand you
  • Autoresponders professionally written so you don't have to
  • 100's of hrs of recorded video & audio training
  • Video tutorials (watch some video....then do the work)
  • Live weekly webinars that WILL develop your "Skill Set"
  • Skype chat groups
  • Daily inspirational calls
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • 50% referal commissions
  • Incredible community of like minded people

Gerry Schroeder
CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years in the network marketing arena and being on the internet since it began, Gerry has always had a passion for helping people succeed. Creating many fantastic relationships and learning internet marketing from some of the best in the industry, Gerry felt it was time to give back. Gerry has developed 6 figure incomes with 3 different companies and knows what it takes to succeed in the home business arena. And now with the power of the internet, network marketing is a whole new ball game.

"We developed Second Income Coach SIC from understanding the challenges marketers face today. Not enough leads (prospects), not enough cash flow for advertising and learning all the wrong techniques from old school marketers. We have found the secrets to growing any business online and want to share those secrets, so anyone can achieve the success they deserve."