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Second Income Coach Testimonials

Debra Morrison
Debra Morrison's Testimonial
Debra Morrison has been around Retail Marketing and Sales for 20 years. She spent 12 of those years on the road traveling as one of the top sales reps in the Midwest region within the food industry. She enjoyed the freedom of the road and the reigns to be creative and manage her territory.
Debra believes becoming a leader is crucial in the online world. Debra has developed into an online Diva, and now teaches others how to generate income online. "Learn to Lead by following" is her motto.

Ernie Pinard
Ernie Pinard's Testimonial
Ernie believes there is no such thing as an easy button. It just does not exist.

"If someone is telling you that you can plant the seed of prosperity in your back yard today and you will have the money tree growing tomorrow then please run the other way."

The key to marketing is building relationships and through these relationships that we build and nurture people will join our business whatever that may be. SIC is the tool to build those relationships. Hey and if they don't join your business you have made a friend and one can never have to many friends.


Jerry Meyer
Jerry Meyer's Testimonial Is a Mind Set Marketing Pro. His focus is to help people achieve success in their businesses in the areas of list building, advertising, marketing and cash flow. I do this by providing relevant content within a community of like minded entrepreneurs. SIC is that community.



Janet Legere
Janet Legere's Testimonial Janet has been online for many years, and successful at almost everything she touches. She has been asked to work with many teams and systems online, and has helped so many people. Janet believes that SIC is the marketing system everyone should be using. She knows that the proper training and action taking is key for online success.